According to our market analysis, the Levant region and especially Lebanon is expecting a boom in the economy, especially in the oil and gas industries, as the surveys and studies have recently discovered vast areas of oil & gas resources in Lebanon. We at Destinators understand that the Oil & Gas are the most traded commodities in the world, we also understand that providing logistics for this sector requires a high level of experience, strong ethical compliance, environmental responsibility, dedicated services and leave no room for error as errors might be very costly.

Destinators Oil & Gas experts provide a full range of onshore and offshore services, 24/7 Customized logistics solutions. Whether it’s the transportation of oil tanks, drills, pipes or delivering any specialized heavy equipment and spare parts through an integrated supply chain, Destinators offers flexible, customized services to meet your needs.

We have gained this experience by working with private and governmental Oil & Gas Distribution companies in the region,

Oil & Gas drivers the world, by providing energy that lights homes, fuels vehicles and powers industries globally, we make sure our team understand their roles and conclude our jobs safely, smoothly and in a timely manner.